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Dear all….. I was appalled to hear this morning to be told from various sources that abusive graffiti has been painted upon buildings and houses and this is of course totally abusive and  un  acceptable in fact disgusting in the extreme. I am also informed that  leaflets have been put through the letter boxes of  individual's homes relating to Polish people and organisations resident in the UK since the result of the referendum was announced.
In my mind this is very reminiscent of the actions that took place in Germany leading to the rise of the Nazi regime in during the 1930's. This Must Not Be Allowed to EVER Happen Or to Develop Again.

I would like all of my Polish friends and contacts here in the UK to know my feelings in this horrific matter and that I will do anything within my power and I will go to any lengths to help put an immediate stop to this unbelievably EVIL and VILE situation.

With enormous respect for Poland and all of my Polish friends and connections I will now look for any suggestions and information and/or collaboration that will allow me to assist in any way that I can to protect and promote the Polish Community's fine reputation here in the UK and beyond.

The hard working Polish people make an enormous contribution to the United Kingdom both economically and culturally year on year and we Brits could well learn many lessons from the Poles example. It is an effrontery to humanity to allow anyone to forget the massive contribution that Polish Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen made in World War 11 and those Poles that gave their lives to bring peace to Europe by helping and assisting to rid the world of Nazi tyranny

 May God Continue to Bless Our Two Great Nations,

Norman Armstrong-Kersh.MBE; KCOM.
MBA; MinstM; FinstMF.

Founder & Chief Executive

Life for a Life Memorial Forests,